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Statistics for People Who (Think They) Hate Statistics
Welcome and thanks for visiting Statistics for People Who (Think They) Hate Statistics...  The 6th edition is now out and thanks to all those adopters and users who have helped me correct errors and clarify where and when needed. You can see more about the 6th edition at the Sage Publications site at and search for Salkind. You can look at sample chapters, ancillaries and more.

Here's the 6th edition cover...


Here's where you can do at the Statistics for People... site...
  • Find out about the new electronic edition of the 5th edition.
  • Look at what faculty and students are saying about Statistics for People...
  • Find out about other Statistics for People... books such as the one that is based on Excel and other books by Salkind. You can also order books directly from those links.  
  • See the corrections for current and past editions of books. (And, thanks always to those readers who send them in).
  • Find out how to get the data sets for the various editions of the books.
  • Send an email message to the author (me) - Neil J. Salkind. I welcome any and all your notes and especially corrections I can share with others on this site.
  • And of course, get the amazing brownie recipe.
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